At a Vineyard pastors conference in September 1992, founder John Wimber taught on 10 areas of ministry that were essential to any Vineyard church. John called these areas the Vineyard Genetic Code because they are the common denominators that identify us as a family. A Vineyard experience typically includes:

  1. The Bible is central in our teaching, faith and love. This has to do with simple life-oriented teaching and Biblical exposition.
  2. Worship is our highest priority. Worship should be led in a non-manipulative way towards an intimate relationship with God.
  3. Small groups are the basic structure of the Church to offer a place for friendships, growth, discipleship and service.
  4. Spiritual gifts are for every believer. They are to be identified and exercised for the common good.
  5. Training is a fundamental part to Church – to “equip the saints” for the work of ministry in all aspects of life.
  6. Signs and wonders are a normal part of church life to practise healing of the sick and broken, driving out demons and doing the supernatural works of God.
  7. Ministry to the poor is very important to God and to the Vineyard. It should include feeding, clothing, helping and serving.
  8. Evangelism is the call of every believer. It is a caring and loving lifestyle where we meet people`s needs and ask God’s power to meet them. Real church growth means reaching the world and advancing the Kingdom of God.
  9. Other churches must be loved, respected and worked with because we are one part of the one Body of Christ.
  10. Church planting and missions are at the heart of the Vineyard calling. Every church must have a vision to grow and multiply and to touch other parts of the world.